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AgriLink the Year that was…

Last year, the AgriLink organizers focused on “Regional Agribusiness Development: Cornerstone of Inclusive Growth.” That particular theme focused on the  simple philosophy that by highlighting, enhancing and developing each of the country’s region—in terms of its agribusiness strength in products, crops grown, animals raised, and agri-eco tourism potentials, growth and progress can better be attained through a more dynamic exchange of goods and better employment. By doing so, each region’s trademark identity could also boost the development of the area.

A total of 453 companies occupied 562 indoor and retail booths or an indoor exhibit area of 8,100 square meters for the main exhibition, 1,950 square meters for the retail area and 4,000 square meters for the outdoor exhibit. While most were local companies, there were also 469 square meters occupied by foreign companies from 14 countries led by Korea, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Spain and Turkey

There were three indoor pavilions: the Korea Pavilions at the main exhibit area and Philippine Food Processors & Exporters Organization (PHILFOODEX) and Organic Producers Trade Association (OPTA) in the retail area. As in the previous years, the Department of Agriculture through Agribusiness & Marketing Assistance Service (AMAS) and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) provided 44 retail booths for regional companies.

Total number of registered visitors was 24,594 over a three-day period, with an estimated 5% of first-day visitors who came back on the second and third days.