AgriLink the Year that was…

Last year, the Agrilink’s theme was “Negros Island: A Model of Agribusiness Resiliency” it focused on the need to rise above the challenges to include ASEAN competition and the threats of climate change to agriculture. In line with the year’s theme and focus on sugar, the organizing committee chose Ms. Rosemarie S. Gumera, Manager III, Planning and Policy Department of the Sugar Regulatory Administration to deliver the overview of the sugar industry during the opening program.

A total of 376 companies exhibited occupying 639 indoor, retail and outdoor booths or an indoor exhibit area of 8,300 square meters for the main exhibition, 3,000 square meters for the retail area and 4,000 square meters for the outdoor exhibit. While most exhibitors were comprised of local companies, there were also 30 companies occupying 37 booths or 414 sqm of foreign companies coming from Korea, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Denmark, Japan, Malaysia, Germany, United Kingdom and Turkey.

There were three indoor pavilions: the Korean Pavilions at the main exhibit area and PHILFOODEX and AANI Pavilions in the retail area. In the retail area, the Department of Agriculture had 30 regional booths while BFAR provided booths for 32 companies.

Total number of registered visitors was 25,065 over a three-day period. An estimated 5% of first-day visitors came back on the second and third days.