AgriLink the Year that was…

Last year’s theme was “Improved Varieties and Postharvest Facilities: Essential to Profitability.” That theme focused on the fact that agricultural growth and development is not possible without yield-enhancing technological upgrades. Machines and equipment used to grade, wash, wax, sort, pack and store the products before they are brought to the market also, play a crucial role as the whole marketing chain is deemed essential for profitability.

The focus crop was fruits and focus region was Davao. Last year, Agrilink came full circle as it focused on Region XI, the same region where PIGLINK `94 started.

A total of 517 companies occupying 630 indoor and retail booths or an indoor exhibit area of 8,300 square meters for the main exhibition3,000 square meters for the retail area and 4,000 square meters for the outdoor exhibit. While most were local companies, there were also 63 companies occupying 65 booths or584 square meters occupied by foreign companies from 12 countries led by Korea, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Denmark, Japan, Malaysia, Germany, United Kingdom, Turkey, South Africa and Italy.

There were six (6) indoor pavilions: the Korea, China and BFAR Pavilions at the main exhibit area and PHILFOODEX, AANI and OPTA pavilions which were located at trhe retail area.

Total number of registered visitors was 27,000 over a three-day period, with an estimated 5% of first-day visitors who came back on the second and/or third day.