Agrillink 2016 to Feature Free Seminars on Latest Innovations in Agribusiness

Several agribusiness organizations will be conducting free seminars and workshops at Agrilink 2016, the country’s premier trade exhibit on agriculture, food and aquaculture, slated from October 6 to 8 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City. The seminars will feature the latest information and innovations in farm mechanization, swine and poultry production, plasticulture, shrimp farming, feed management, organic agriculture, sustainable energy and organic fertilizer production.

On October 6, the Korea Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative (KAMICO) through FitCorea, KAMICO’s local representative, and Dante SollanoDelima, CEO of AgriTech Integrated Services Corporation, will feature the latest innovations in rice mechanization including innovations in post-harvest, manufacturing, processing, engineering, cooling and heating. With South Korea having already achieved a fully mechanized agricultural industry, KAMICO partners with the Department of Agriculture (DA) in technology transfer programs and assist in improving the technical capability of private agribusinesses.

On the same day, 7-L Agri-Food Systems, through Philippe Douvenot, air systems engineer for SOLADEC, will have a seminar on ventilation systems adapted for tropical climate. Easy-to-manage technologies for poultry, pig and livestock farms such as air conditioning, air filtration, washing air system and mechanical ventilation have already been installed in countries such as the Philippines, China, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia. Allied Botanical Corporation will have a seminar on the latest innovations on ornamental and vegetable products.

Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Co.’s (UNAHCO) Pigrolac, through Ken Bryant, vice president of nutritional services company Akey, one of UNAHCO’s partners, will have a technical workshop on the practical applications that can be implemented to maximize piglet performance. On October 8, Dr. Jo Vicente Mapa of UNAHCO’s poultry division Sarimanok will have a seminar on how to raise performance benchmarks in poultry farms to ensure better profit.

On October 7, the embassy of South Africa through Anton Kruger, CEO of Fresh Produce Exporters’ Forum, will discuss an overview of South Africa’s $2.4 billion fresh fruit industry and the opportunities it can provide through private-public partnerships. Vim Vertex will discuss latest technologies and innovations in livestock and aquaculture industries in relation to use of inputs such as feeds, medications and antibiotics. Trigonal Agritech Philippines will have a demonstration of a new generation of feed additive that harnesses microbiomes to help improve yield for swine and poultry while decreasing overall production costs.Prime Agritech Corporation, through Sunny Sidhu, area manager for VDL Agrotech – Netherlands, will have a seminar on how to boost the performance of poultry breeder farms.

Mapecon will have a demonstration of sustainable fuel source called green charcoal, which can be utilized for home, commercial and industrial use. Green charcoal is made from coverting biodegradable wastes and cellulosic materials like foliage into solid fuel made available in powder, pellets and logs. When green charcoal ashes are mixed with enzymes, it can serve as fertilizer, odor remover and insect repellent.

On the same day, Macondray Plastics’ Allan T. Si will have a seminar on how to increase productivity through plasticulture. Agricultural films had broad applications in plantation crops, small vegetable farms, aquaculture and even urban farming. Si cited its role in protective cultivation in crop production in the face of climate change. In the field of organic agriculture, it is widely used in certified organic farms for weed control, water conservation, soil erosion control, buffer and pest control.

On October 8, Santeh Feeds Corporation will have a seminar on the basic features, structures and components of an intensive shrimp (vannamei) pond, and managing them with the most suitable and flexible system appropriate in local conditions.Peter Scott, regional manager of Buhler AG’s Grain Logistics division, will present post-harvest dust control and cleaning solutions for grains such as wheat, corn and paddy rice. Buhler will also demonstrate technologies such as continuous flow dryer for corn and paddy rice.Dr. Alfred Palattao of Pronatural Feed Corporation will have a seminar on how to address the foul odor of piggeries, especially those from backyard raisers, semi-commercial farms and piggeries that use rice hulls as beddings and cemented flooring.

Aside from these, the Department of Agriculture, in coordination with other government agencies, will have free seminars on indigenous crops, herbs and spices, mushroom production, coconut coir, biomass energy, free-range chicken and edible landscaping. There will also be business matching programs for fisheries and informational sessions on food business regulations, doing business in free trade areas, and an investment forum on food and non-food agricultural processing.