VAL-CO to Feature Latest Poultry and Hog Technologies at Agrilink 2016

VAL-CO will be showcasing its latest farm development technologies at the country’s premier trade exhibition on agriculture, food and aquaculture—Agrilink, Foodlik and Aqualink, slated October 6 to 8 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City. Now on its 23rd year, Agrilink’s theme, “Negros, a Model of Agribusiness Resiliency,” will highlight the strengthand innovation of the agricultural industries of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental through crop diversification and focus on enhanced agribusiness value chain—from production inputs, the use of modern yet appropriate technologies, market diversification, strategic product development, retailing, and marketing.

VAL-CO, headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, manufactures high-performance commercial farming systems and components for poultry and hogs. Its technologies range from automated climate control, feeding, watering, housing, flooring, weighing and scaling to egg collection and biosecurity. VAL-CO boasts combined manufacturing experience of over 170 years.

Engr. Antonio Dumrique, general manager of Team Agri Industrial Corporation (the local representative of VAL-CO), said, “We are supporting Agrilink this year not only by showcasing state-of-the-art, economical and sustainable farming system technologies, but also in creating a massive information campaigns to local farmers in that investing in these technologies also benefits the consumers. It also helps modernize the industry through increased production and overall performance. As a global player in farm mechanization, we constantly design and invent

VAL-CO new technologies based on innovation, technical research and field experience.”

One of VAL-CO’s latest innovations is its “Combi-Tunnel Ventilation,” an automated climate control system for poultry, hogs and egg production. Its ventilation system monitors and responds to changes in the nesting and containment facilities of the animals, from temperature, air speed, humidity and static pressure among others, in order to maintain a comfortable environment for the animals.

VAL-CO’s combined ventilation systems are complemented by its cutting edge equipment and machineries. Its feeding and watering systems is fine-tuned to reduce waste, enhance feed conversion and maximize operational efficiency, from storage, delivery and distribution.

Dumrique added, “Our housing systems are designed with a comprehensive understanding of the animals’ needs and habits to reduce to risk of injury to the animals and damage to the equipment.” VAL-CO’s housing solutions include nesting systems for poultry; stalls, penning and farrowing systems for pigs; and nests, layer cages, egg collectors and cage-free systems for egg production.

VAL-CO also has biosecurity products such as cremators and vehicle disinfectant delivery systems which provide vital defense against disease while minimizing energy costs. Its EPA-approved (US Environmental Protection Agency) cremators, for instance, are built with reflective liners that conserves heat and increases efficiency.

At Agrilink 2016, VAL-CO will spearhead a discussion on the Combination Tunnel System and talk about its operational benefits to stakeholders. Dr. Alberto Dorado Jr., one of Team Agri’s poultry specialists, added, “We will also introduce a new technology for the system: real-time operation. This enables farmers to be connected to their farm operations, even when they’re miles away from the site—with the help of computers and even mobile phones.”

Aside from holding free seminars, investment forums and technical workshops, Agrilink 2016 will have live animal and plant display at the WTC’s outdoor areas, cooking demos and product launches at the lobby area, and a food pavilion in the retail area.